Welcome to Niemen Stud an award winning piggery with exceptional animals.

Located just outside Magaliesburg. Niemen Stud was started in 1997, by Niel Dry with six Large  white sows and one Landras boar. We have grown to an award winning piggery that has recently partnered with PICĀ®2019 to evolve to superiority. (Niemen animals consists of: 50% Niemen : 50% PICĀ® genetics.)

Our other farming enterprises are Shorthorn cattle and Grain, planted to ensure our animals have the best feedstock available.

Pig farming is our passion. It is our core family business. We ensure that our pigs are brought up in an environment where they are fed nutritious food, by growing our own grain for feedstock on the farm. Our pigs can move around freely in a safe and hygienic environment ensuring top quality pork production. Our boars are bred for: Carcass quality, ADG as well as FCR, Libido & Fertility, Legs & hooves

Our F1 Gilts are bred for milk production, litter sizes, Fertility, Adaptability and Longevity.